Showing the Romance of Online Dating

with a Mini Musical


While online dating has become relatively common, a myth persists that meeting online is somehow less romantic.  Match challenged Movers+Shakers to show how when you meet on Match, you have an exciting and compelling “how we met” story.

This was Match’s first venture into a musical format.  They were excited that music makes it easier to talk about some of the quirky and awkard parts of dating, in a fun and engaging way.

Movers+Shakers created “Match: The Musical” to capture the excitement and contagious energy of meeting somone new.  Drawing inspiration from Grease’s “Summer Nights,” and updating it with a contemporary “Katy Perry”-like sensibility, this piece captures the “I want to tell the world” moment when you’ve met someone you’re really excited about.

Creative assets: 3 minute musical film, teaser snippets, still images

Run as a YouTube pre-roll ad, the spot earned an average view duration of 2:14 and 70% retention rate, even though users could skip after 5 seconds!

Run as a Facebook ad, it achieved a 23.9x ROI on ad spend to new user signups.

Watch time was longer than all of Match’s other YouTube content combined!

Here’s some of the YouTube comments:

One of the key strengths of Movers+Shakers is their focus on generating true business results.  They understand both the science and the art of making great marketing material.  I think they’ve really mastered the art of finding a true creative insight and bringing that to song and dance.

Match is a 22 year old brand and so we are always looking for fun new unique ways to tell our brand story.  We are so excited to launch Match: The Musical.  If you’re lucky enough to work with Movers+Shakers, there’s no way that you’re not going to create something fun, and have a good time while creating it together.

Alexis Ferraro

VP Marketing,

“When someone meets someone new, they have this exciting and really contagious energy.  And we wanted the music to have that same kind of feel.”

Geoffrey Goldberg

Creative Director, Movers+Shakers

Peek behind the scenes:



How do you explain a new product in a fun and exciting way?


We built awareness for this new brand to the tune of double the category average engagement rate.


Getting busy millennials to stop, think, and reflect.


We had a very talented team bring this musical commerical to life.
Thank you!

Creative Director: Geoffrey Goldberg
Original Music: Geoffrey Goldberg and Todd Alsup
Director: Sean Robinson
Director of Photography: Esteban Robles
Assistant Director: Dan Bratman
Line Producer: Jessica Fernando
Production Designer: Heather McDevitt Barton
Wardrobe Stylist: Heather McDevitt Barton
Makeup: Mariana Collignon
Camera: Dominick Sivilli
AC: Phoenixx Flix
Second AC: Vincent Aliperti
Editor: Sean Robinson
Color: Alfredo Regalado
Sound: Jose C Gorritti
Gaffer: Collin Chiucchini
Grips: Angel Rodriguez, Gadell Gibbs
Behind the Scenes Camera: Adrian Fernandez
Production Assistants: Bryan Many, Frederico Mallet,
Sasha Pezenik
Music Arrangement: Andy Roninson
Virtual Orchestration: Andy Roninson
Recording & Mixing: Denise Barbarita
Mastering: Davide Berardi
Account Director: Evan Horowitz


Main Girl: Sami Griffith
Main Guy: Hayden Stanes
Girl’s Friends: Renee Albulario
Christina Eskridge
Corey Desjardins
Guy’s Friend: Andrew Cristi

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