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Song & Dance Marketing Videos

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Tackling the myth that meeting online somehow lacks romance, we captured the excitement of meeting a special guy or girl! 

The spot achieved a 70% retention rate and garnered more view time than all the rest of Match’s YouTube channel combined!


By communicating their brand benefits through dance, Organic Doctor drove double the industry average viewership rates.  

This brand awareness aided a rapid ramp-up in sales as this European beauty brand launched in 4,000 US stores.



Looking to break into the millennial market, Heartfulness came to us to create a relatable and visually-compelling story.  

We used dance to tackle the sensitive subject of a person’s internal stress and anxiety, and highlight the power of meditation as a means to Quiet Your Mind.


This krump dancer doesn’t just solve a Rubik’s cube, he becomes one – watch as his movement mimics those of this fun, well-loved puzzle!


A humdrum office meeting kicks it up a notch when everyone has the same brand of colorful notebooks!

Watch your brand dance.

We shake your brand with a musical twist.

Your customers will applaud.


Song and dance are probably the oldest art forms, and today they are in the popular consciousness more than ever.  Telling your brand’s stories through music not only allows you to stand out in a crowded Facebook feed, it allows you to speak to consumers with an unparalleled depth and authenticity.

Some awesome examples of brands using song and dance to tell their story and engage their audience!

(Movers+Shakers did not produce the following videos – but we think they’re great examples)

Virgin America makes boring flight safety information sing and dance.  This garnered 11 million views.
PooPourri introduces their innovative bathroom fragrance with this irreverent musical video (12M views!)

Diesel‘s beautiful short film implores us to “Make Love Not Walls.”

The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.

– W.M. Tory

Movers+Shakers Creative Agency

What do you get when you cross art with marketing?

A boutique creative agency & video production studio based in Brooklyn, Movers+Shakers is a collaboration between Broadway performer & director Geoffrey Goldberg, and Harvard MBA Evan Horowitz.  When Geoffrey first posted a video of his work on Facebook, it went viral and garnered over 10,000 views in a weekend, with no marketing.  Evan, a lifelong brand builder, saw the potential for innovative companies to use the magic of music & dance to share their message in a uniquely compelling way.  And Movers+Shakers was born in December 2016.

Song & Dance Marketing Videos


Geoffrey Goldberg

An award-winning director, choreographer, and writer, Geoffrey’s love of music and dance can be felt in every video he creates. His incredible storytelling consistently delights audiences, and has made Geoffrey a rising star in the Broadway community. In 20+ years in the business, he has performed on Broadway, in international tours, and on TV (Conan O’Brien and Dancing with the Stars). His original works have won numerous awards from film festivals and theater festivals. He holds a BFA from New York University.
Creative Agency


Evan Horowitz

Evan has helped hundreds of brands amplify their message and break into new audiences. His 15+ years of experience span brand management, P&L ownership, and founding a marketing consulting firm. His projects include: launching two new product categories at Samsung, developing a strategy for the CEO of Macy’s to attract a new customer demographic, crafting a unique value proposition for a breakout Canadian lifestyle brand, and leading a record-setting fundraising campaign for a non-profit. Evan holds a MBA from Harvard and a BS from Stanford.

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