Breaking engagement records with music and dance social video ads.

To Move the needle,
shake up your marketing.


Music and dance isn’t a gimmick—it’s the world’s original form of storytelling. It’s entertaining, memorable, arresting. At a time where audience attention is the market’s most precious commodity, brands need unique ways to make people stop and listen.

Our results speak for themselves:



Not sure music + movement is right for you? You might be surprised!


If you’re thinking:
“I’m not sure your style is right for me.”


Every brand is unique, and every Movers+Shakers project reflects the brand’s unique personality and target audience. Fortunately, the palette of music and dance is as broad as the human experience. We carefully create the energy that will inspire your viewers with the emotion and action you are looking for. Our clients consistently marvel at how we “nailed their brand,” and appreciate how we involve them closely throughout the creative process.

The next step is to “find your groove,” where we see what this could look like for your brand. It’s an hour-long conversation, and we offer it for free.



If you’re thinking:
“Music/movement doesn’t seem as relevant to our product.”


There is so much you can tell and say about your brand through how it moves or sounds. When GAP first came out with their “Khaki Swing” commercial in the 90s, it was an instant sensation. It undeniably drew customers in with its perfect personification of the brand.

So what about your brand?

Are people bopping through the aisles of your store, listening to their inner-bliss music when they go shopping? Is it quick like yogurt, or smooth like a meditation app? Are you targeting an urban millennial or a retiree? Whatever the case, we’ll help you define it and dance or drum it out.



If you’re thinking:
“Our budget is [fill in the blank].”


We’re a nimble agency with little overhead, and our clients are consistently amazed at how much we deliver for their budget.

Project costs span a big range, based on complexity and the suite of assets desired. That’s why we collaboratively and transparently scope projects with our clients, so creative success is always matched with budgetary needs.



If you’re thinking:
“We already have a creative partner.”


We love collaborating with other teams to deliver content that supports a broader campaign. Our creative approach is unique—you definitely won’t find these ideas anywhere else!

If you’re looking for fresh ideas to move your customers, it’s worth a chat.