Grabbing attention in the
busiest, brightest intersection:
Times Square, NYC


Skineez wanted to get noticed among the craziness of Times Square.  How do you get people to stop & watch in such a crowded place?

Then, how do you get people curious to learn move about Skineez’s revolutionary products: socks, capris & gloves that continuously hydrate your skin while you wear them.

Movers+Shakers created “Compression Party,” showing how the fabrics wear and move and moisturize, and how happy you are when you wear them!  The video introduces the different products in sequence, as well as the moisturizing spray.

Skineez “celebrates the skin you’re in,” and the cast represents the diversity of ages, sizes, and colors who wear and love Skineez.

We filmed the whole 30 seconds in a continuous shot, to draw people into the Compression Party!  Then we cut a special version for the 1,624 square foot wrap-around screen in Times Square.  Look for it at 43rd & Broadway!

Running now! 

84,000 in-person impressions every day, and many more online.

Come back soon for the results….  

I love you guys.  We chased you down because we didn’t have the ability to express how fantastic our fabrics are. 

You made it so easy, so collaborative.  You’re the best and I want to work with you guys forever.

Michelle Moran

Founder & CEO, Skineez Skincarewear

Times Square Billboard!

Full Version for Social Media:

(30 seconds)



How do you explain a new product in a fun and exciting way?


We built awareness for this new brand to the tune of double the category average engagement rate.


Attracting new customers to this ageless women’s fashion brand.

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