The Magic & Fun of

Creating Your Custom Furniture

CLIENT: Modos Furniture

After making a big splash with their Kickstarter, the startup was now ready to scale rapidly.


The co-founders appraoched Movers+Shakers to create a compelling video that would attract lots of new customers.  They thought that dance was the perfect way to show the magic and excitement of designing and using Modos’ unique furniture.

The videos and stills are the backbone of their social media ad campaign, as well as supporting flash sales.

Creative assets:
2 minute feature video, short snippets for ad retargeting, still images

Off to a great start!  Check back soon…

Movers+Shakers are blowing my mind. Their ability to concisely communicate the story that I’ve never been able to communicate is genius. So of course I want to pick the genius to be on my team.

I couldn’t ask for more. They’re knocking it out of the park. Matt Tyson

CEO, Modos

Shorter Videos and Extended Cuts:

6 seconds

2-minute extended cut

30 seconds



This original musical ad got an average view time of over 2 minutes!


We built awareness for this new brand to the tune of double the category average engagement rate.


Getting busy millennials to stop, think, and reflect.


Thank you to our very talented team for bringing this project to life!


Creative Director & Director: Geoffrey Goldberg
Director of Photography: Piero Basso
Choreographer: Josh Assor
Assistant Choreographer: Michaela McGowan
Assistant Director & Line Producer: Dan Bratman
First AC: Adrian Fernandez
Second AC: Ken Kozak
Editor: Geoffrey Goldberg
Production Designer: Heather McDevitt Barton
Makeup: Mariana Collignon
Gaffer: Seth Margolies
Grip: Isabel Bethencourt
Behind the Scenes Camera: Jordan Grubb
Account Director: Evan Horowitz


Girl: Emily Stillings
Guy: Robert Coglitore

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