Introducing Millennials to Meditation

CLIENT: Heartfulness Meditation
Heartfulness is a global organization advancing meditation as a path to achieve a calmer and more balanced life.

Heartfulness asked Movers+Shakers for help reaching an audience they had long struggled to reach: millennials and especially young men.  How can you show them that meditation is an answer to the daily stresses they experience?

Movers+Shakers used dance to tackle the sensitive subject of stress and anxiety.  We represented the chaos of one’s mind with the multiple overlapping versions of the dancer.  You can see and feel his struggle with conflicting thoughts, in a very relatable way.

In the end, the dance and the music resolve with the campaign’s key theme, “Go Inside,” suggesting meditation as a path to internal calm.

90 sec video, with 20 & 30 sec cutdowns, and still images

30 Seconds

90 Seconds

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