Breaking engagement records with music and dance social video ads.

Heartfulness Meditation


In order to attract a younger audience to meditation, we created this piece. With dance, and without words, you feel the stresses millennials face every day, and you feel how meditation can help.

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Heartfulness’ meditation programs count millions of participants worldwide. But they struggle to attract millennials, and especially men.

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Movers+Shakers picked up on the millennial’s big pain point: stress. We created the visual & kinisthetic experience of stress through modern dance.

The story follows a typical day, and the typical stressors: work, relationships, social media. And at the end, the movement and the music resolve, as the man realizes that the solution to his stress lies inside.

Heartfulness used this series to promote meditation seminars on Facebook & YouTube. The lack of words allowed it to be used in dozens of countries around the world.

Delivered assets:

  • 90-second video

  • 20 and 30-second cuts

  • Still images

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30 Seconds

90 Seconds