Speaker brands that sound different

MUSIC affects us on a deep level.  It has the power to move us to tears, or to get us jumping up and down.  It instantly tells us how to feel.

That’s why we use music to create a very strong and immediate positioning statement for a brand.  The music music immediately invokes (or defines) the brand’s ownable niche.

Recently we came across a great example of two brands in a crowded category, who used music and dance to place themselves in very specific niches.

DEVIALET and ULTIMATE EARS both create incredible bluetooth speakers, but their market positioning could not be more different.  Check out the contrast in these video campaigns that use music and dance to tell each’s brand’s unique story.

Speaker Brand #1: DEVIALET


This video really gets you in the gut.  Its intriguing visuals, and the way it uses bodies and voices, perfectly reflect Devialet’s value proposition for its speakers: they “trigger an intense emotional experience.” Bodies and limbs undulate, moving together, perhaps mimicking the physical attribute of their speaker in action, but also triggering a deep, word-less experience for the viewer.  They don’t need to tell us how to feel – we FEEL it when we see those bodies move.  The beautiful Opera music and visuals transport us to another world – it suddenly feels bigger than us, glorious, romantic, and high-end.  It leaves us believing – and feeling – the claim: “This is not a speaker. This is Phantom.”

Speaker Brand #2: ULTIMATE EARS


In this funky, colorful, and sexy ad, Ultimate Ears offers a completely different experience of using a bluetooth speaker.  The first beats of the music give me an impression of a heartbeat, aliveness, energy. Geared at a younger crowd, Ultimate Ears positions this product to reflect “spontaneity, energy, and adventure.”  Just like the 20-somethings dancing in this ad, their speakers feel “indestructible” (and sexy).  The music has a pulse that makes you wanna tap your feet, or if you’re up for it, dance along with these millennials (you should probably stretch first).  And after watching this video ad, I’d have no qualms about plopping down their speaker in the middle of a subway platform – or at least dancing along if someone else does! 

At MOVERS+SHAKERS, we help brands “find their groove,” increase top-line sales, and attract new customers.  We dive deep into the brand, its challenges, and its goals, and then we cook up creative ways to put a little “mambo” in their marketing … and put a huge SMILE on their customers’ faces.  Want to work with us to find your groove?  Let’s chat!

Geoffrey Goldberg