Brands using meme culture authentically

By Raina Cagiao, Creative Intern

You want to reach millennials? Let me tell you one thing that’s really hot with us right now: memes. Brands from Old Spice to Dollar Shave Club are using memes with great success. You can too!

When I think an ad is great, I want to tag friends or DM it to them, and tell them how this made me smile, dance and laugh.

It’s all about relating to the younger crowd–and don’t think it won’t reach the older generations as well! The amount of times I’ve called my mother over to tell her about this commercial I saw is too many times to count. We love to explain these memes to our parents because, maybe selfishly, we like to see their confused reactions. It’s part of the comedy!

Now I bet your next question is “how can I incorporate memes into my content strategy?” Well I have an answer for you. Memes are a great complement to your longer videos. I do not care how long your attention span is, there are days when a 40 second Snapchat is just TOO much.

Even better–save a bunch of money and repurpose existing long-form video into a bunch of memes! We recently “meme-ified” one of our musical videos. Not hard. We just pulled out snack-able pieces from video we’d already created. Done. Here’s a few examples of what we did for Nursery Water. (See the original campaign here)


We ran these on Facebook & Instagram and the engagement metrics were insane!

Of course having people on the team that understand the meme culture is important. (Hint: Ask your intern! We can be really helpful here.) Also, it’s quick and easy to try a bunch of stuff. You never know what will blow up! To make it super simple, use one of the many “meme maker” apps (here’s a good option).

And while some advertisers may scoff, and say memes are a fad for cat lovers, the real winners are the brands jumping on the bandwagon. Let’s just say, I buy Old Spice and I’m a 21 year old girl.

Evan Horowitz