4 brands bringing products to life with dance

You have an awesome new product. And you want to show off its features, benefits, and what makes it so unique. But explaining is boring, and you really want to grab people’s attention, turn their heads and pay attention. These companies turned to dance to bring to life their creations in a unique, inspiring, and entertaining way.

1. LEXUS: Man & Machine (2017)

Not just “another car commercial,” this ad from Lexus showcases Lil Buck breathing life into every element of the new Lexus LC through unique movements, amazing visuals, and lots of dance. The ad claims “machines don’t have emotions, but the rare few can inspire them.” This ad definitely inspires.



With this new see-through fridge, and its hands-free door, all you have to do is tap to look inside, and using only your foot the door opens. Wait….tap? foot? LG took a fun angle on this new feature, taking “just tap” quite literally with a world-renowned tap dancer Savion Glover.


3. HYPERFLEX JEANS: Stretch Your Limits!

You want to show that your jeans are stretchy? Slap them on some super-flexible dancers and watch them back-bend, high-kick, and twerk it out.


4. MODOS FURNITURE: Click (2017)

Modos, a revolutionary furniture startup, asked Movers+Shakers to help showcase their configurable, modular furniture, in a unique way. Their furniture clicks together, its pieces have angular shapes, and each piece can be reconfigured in any way imaginable. So we showcased each of those elements, as well as the fun of assembling furniture. This is how YOU put together your furniture, right?

Geoffrey Goldberg