Big and flashy musicals filled with song and dance aren’t just for the Broadway stage anymore!  These brands took a page out of the Broadway show book on how to entertain their customers (and get new ones!) and transformed their own company into a real movie-musical!  Did they work?  Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Virgin America Flight Safety Video

Virgin made a huge splash in 2013 when they released their all singing, all dancing flight safety video.  They took what had been for many flyers an annoying part of taking flight, and transformed it into a musical number that you simply can’t take your eyes off of.  And it wasn’t just for the plane, either!  To date people have viewed it almost 13 million times online.


2. Amazon Prime, The Musical

If any company is known to go big, it’s Amazon.  So it’s no surprise that when they needed to educate consumers about all the new features they added to Prime, they added all the new features to a big musical number!  In only one minute, no only do they educate the viewer, they show the huge entertainment value Prime offers by telling the story with backflips, rock, gospel, and even dancing boxes (??).  You have to see it to believe it!


3. Jump Up, Super Star! – Super Mario Odyssey Musical

Didn’t think you’d see a musical video game promo?  Think again!  Super Mario went all out with the live-action and animated musical journey.  Not only is it super entertaining, but it also does a great job at showing off their new game’s features and graphics!  And all those dancers make you want to be kicking in the streets with them.


4., The Musical

When Match approached Movers+Shakers in 2017 to put together a campaign that shared the romantic and quirky parts of meeting someone on Match, we knew just what to do!  They wanted something fun and sassy, with a catchy tune, and a relatable story that shows how romantic meeting someone on Match can truly be. How’d we do?


5. HONDA Summerbration Sales Event 2017

San Diego Honda Dealers capitalized on La La Land‘s famous opening number in this fun commercial that sparkles, shines, and sweats from their “hot deals.”  I wish buying a car were this fun!


What other musical commercials make your top five?  Tell us below!

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