As a performer, director, choreographer, and writer, having worked on Broadway, and on stages and screens around the globe, I have continually returned to an old adage that still rings true in every project I work on:


“We speak until we can no longer say what we want to say in words; and then we sing!  We sing until we can no longer express what we want to say through song; and then we dance!”


Music and Dance are not merely entertaining, they are emotion squared, expression times ten, it’s next-level communication!  And so when people ask us “why song and dance in my marketing” it’s quite simple – because song and dance can take your brand’s message to the next level!  You see, music and movement are universal languages, they are languages of emotion, and ultimately emotion is what gets people engaged, it’s what gets people excited.  How many ads have you seen that were “fine” or “interesting” or “informative?”  Do you remember what they were about?  What they were advertising?

Emotion matters.  Emotion sticks.  Emotion sells.  And for us, we help brands express that emotion through MUSIC and through DANCE.


Every company, whether it be a startup or a Fortune 500 company, a tech company or a clothing brand, has a unique musicality – a musical and emotional feel.    So what is the music of your brand?  Are people bopping through the aisles of your store, listening to their inner-party music when they go shopping?  Or is it a more heartfelt and romantic music – do strings and orchestras start to play when your jewelry company’s diamond ring glistens in the light?  Maybe your lifestyle brand is all about millenials and community, hanging with friends, going on road trips with guitars, a six pack, and a dog – maybe it has a more upbeat and authentic and hip sound.

Ultimately, it comes down to what kind of EXPERIENCE you want your customers to have with your brand!  And from there, what music helps give them that experience?


Does your brand have mad pop and locking skills?  Is it graceful and elegant?  Is it quick like Yogurt or slow like a meditation app?  Fluid like face wash or angular like furniture?  Maybe your company is a full on dance party!   Whatever the case, there is so much you can tell and say about your brand through how it moves.  When GAP first came out with their “Khaki Swing” commercial in the 90s, it was an instant sensation – that commercial captured the essence of GAP, it added a movement and personality to the GAP brand that was undeniable.  I instantly wanted to dance along with those people, and of course, to have the Khakis to help me do it! (Watch it below to see what I’m talking about!)

Once again, I had a certain emotional experience of the brand, and the music, and in this case, the dance helped lead me there!


Music and Dance help us build emotion, they help us convey a message, and ultimately they help us tell a story.  Often times the words are not enough for the story, and so we use music to enhance it – it guides us along, it invites us to feel, it enhances the words so that we don’t just take it all in, but rather we experience it.  And regardless if your actual dance moves look like a disgruntled man who’s lost his walker, or a star fresh off of So You Think You Can Dance, by just watching people move and dance, you get a sense of what it is like for them.  You see a dancer leap through the air, and you experience that freedom, that flight.  You experience the story in a new way.

And so in the end, whether your brand is just you, or it’s your entire company, whether it’s about a customer’s experience or the launch of a new product, you want to tell a story.  And the best stories are not just heard – they are understood, they are felt, they are experienced.

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